Easter Sales 2017

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We are excited to announce the launch of our Partner Programs where you can easily earn some serious money by selling our award-winning lottery software!

Our Affiliate Program offers you a high commission of 30% for every sale of our software with a referral period of 60 days. This is ideal for those who own a website and merely wants to sell our lottery software online. Various banners and text links are available to suit your site design.

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Our lottery software has garnered many 5-star awards from independent, third-party software download sites. Both magayo Lotto software and magayo Pick software are also endorsed by several winners and a total of more than 550 lottery games in over 80 countries are supported.

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More Games Supported

We never rest on our laurels.

We continuously expand the coverage of our lottery software and we are excited to announce the support for more games worldwide.

magayo Lotto Version, for Lotto and Powerball type games, now supports Macedonia Loto 7/34, Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 and Euromiliony.

magayo Pick Version, for Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, now supports Mongolia 4D Lottery and 6D Jackpot.

Our lottery software is the most popular in the market with a proven track record of lottery winners. Visit magayo.com to see the winning lottery tickets of our users, including the winning Jackpot ticket on 4th March 2017!

Kenya Lotto now supported!

Kenya Lotto is now supported in magayo Lotto Version!

magayo Lotto is the most popular lottery software for Lotto and Powerball type games. Rated Outstanding by CNET Editors, it is also the most downloaded lottery software @ CNET’s download .com.

Get magayo Lotto software now and always play intelligently and responsibly!


More Pick 3 & Pick 4 Games Supported

We continue to expand our Pick 3 & Pick 4 software and we are pleased to add the support for Dominican Republic Pega 4 Real in magayo Pick software Version

Click here to view all the Pick 3 & Pick 4 games supported by magayo Pick software


More Lotto Games Supported

We are excited to announce the support for the following games in magayo Lotto software Version

  • Aruba Lotto di Dia, Lotto 5 & Mini Mega
  • Slovakia Eurojackpot
  • Trinidad and Tobago Cash Pot & Lotto Plus
  • Turkey On Numara

magayo Lotto software is the most popular lottery software with the widest geographical coverage in the world!


More Pick 3 & Pick 4 Games supported in magayo Pick Software

magayo Pick Version adds support for the following Pick 3 & Pick 4 lottery games:

  • USA Georgia Cash 3 Night & Cash 4 Night
  • Aruba Big 4, Catochi, Diario & Korsou
  • Bonaire Flamingo
  • Curaçao Korsou
  • Sint Maarten Daily Number, Smart Play & Wega di Number

See the winning lottery tickets of magayo Pick software users and play intelligently today!