Support for More Lottery Games & Lottery Jackpots

We are delighted to announce the support for Lottomatica Gioco del Lotto (Bari, Cagliari, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Nazionale, Palermo, Roma, Torino, Venezia) in magayo Lotto software Version

The draw results for Lottomatica are also available through our Lottery Results API.

At the same time, we have also further enhanced our Lottery Data APIs to support the following games:

  • Austria Lotto
  • Brazil Mega-Sena, Dupla Sena, Lotofácil, Quina, Timemania
  • China Hong Kong Mark Six
  • Mexico Melate, Revancha, Revanchita
  • New Zealand Powerball
  • Portugal Totoloto
  • Spain Bonoloto
  • Sweden Lotto Lördag
  • Swiss Lotto
  • Vikinglotto



Ukraine Lottery Games Supported

magayo Lotto Version adds support for Ukraine Keno, Lotto Maxima & Super Lotto.

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More Pick 3 Games supported in magayo Pick

We are pleased to announce the support for Guyana Lucky 3 in magayo Pick Version

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More Lottery Games Supported in magayo Lotto

We are delighted to announce the support for the following lottery games in magayo Lotto Version

  • Ontario Daily Keno
  • Quebec Banco
  • Mexico Melate Revanchita
  • South Africa Powerball Plus

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magayo Lotto Version released!

magayo Lotto Version supports more Lotto games in China – Anhui 5/25, Fujian 5/22, Fujian 7/31, Fujian 7/36, Guangxi 6/24, Hebei 5/20, Heilongjiang 5/22, Heilongjiang 7/36, Hubei 5/22, Liaoning 7/35, Shenzhen 7/35, Xinjiang 7/18, Xinjiang 7/25, Xinjiang 7/35 and Zhejiang 5/20.

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More Games Supported in magayo Lotto

We continue to expand the geographical coverage of our lottery software. magayo Lotto Version now supports Wyoming Cowboy Draw and Slovenia Loto.

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magayo Lotto Version released!

magayo Lotto Version has just been released with Root Sum Frequency, Sum Frequency, recommendations on the filters to use, full wheel ticket generation, visibility to different key statistics for each ticket generated and many more exciting features!

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